Happy Halloween!!!

It’s that time of year again and in the great spirit of Halloween I’ll share with you one of my favorite costumes in the last 5 years. Here’s me as Bubb Rubb 3 years ago. I put myself next to the real Bubb Rubb so you can get a feel for how close I came to looking almost exactly like him:


The whistles go WOO WOO!!!! The back of my jersey said Bubb Rubb. I believe only one individual got “it” and that was enough for me. Success!


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2 responses to “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. jake

    hey man…can you tell me where you got that outfit…i’m planning on going as bub rubb next year! thanks

  2. Chet Hondo

    It was homemade. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a plain black jersey and ironed the letters on the front. I then went to the local sporting goods store and luckily found a Raiders stocking hat. The hair was from one of those Rastafarian hats with the hair built in. I cut it out and pinned it to the Raiders hat. Not a lot of people got it, but when somebody did their reaction was priceless.

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