Santana is Spanish For Sellout


So I’m sitting at home on Saturday afternoon flipping through the channels and I come across another piece of shit Santana collaboration – this time with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. What a piece of shit! I’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore. First off Nickelback is the most God-awful music ever created. It sounds like the bastard child of Creed and Evanescence. Why do people buy their records? I don’t understand it. Are these people that clueless? Have they ever real rock & roll? And correct me if I’m wrong here but don’t all of Nickelback’s songs sound the exact same? I don’t fucking get it.

Second off, didn’t Santana used to have some sort of credibility. I mean he was like a guitar innovator and all this other shit in the 70s. I remember getting Santana’s greatest hits in 8th grade and wanting to put a headband on and smoke a doob. But alas, I was crushed when I heard he had recorded something with Matchbox 20 front-man Rob Thomas. What a sellout I thought! And I hate that term. I’ve never liked and never really understood what it mean until Santana kept crapping out bullshit collaboration albums.

I guess Chad Kroeger is like the Rob Thomas of 2007 or something – terrible voice, terrible band, but still selling a butt-ton of records. I don’t get it. But good for you Santana. I’m glad you found your cash cow so you can keep on buying crappy hats!

Want some real rock? Try these dudes:


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