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Led Zeppelin On The Cover of Rolling Stone


Hey look Led Zeppelin’s on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Where’s Sean “P.Diddy” Combs? I thought he was a member of this band. I can’t wait to pick up a new Zep shirt at hot topic in the classic rock section. Sweet.

Anyone else think Jimmy Page looks like one of the futuristics dudes from the original Superman movie? Kind of creepy.



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The Killers Ruin Xmas Again

What’s wrong with this band? Last year they released some lame Christmas song that didn’t make any sense. This year they’ve released another lame Christmas song that doesn’t make any sense with an even lamer video.

I can’t figure these guys out. They’re so pompous and full of s**t that they demand you take them seriously, but how can you when they release crap like this. Yuck!

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More Elizabeth Banks


She will be mine. Oh yes she will be mine. For real though she’s so hot that I had to post another pic.

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Coming Soon….

My Bill Cosby impersonation. It’s one you do not want to miss. Until then enjoy this fantastic clip:

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Believe It Or Not Chet Is Not At Home

I sometimes wish I still had an answering machine.  I spent so much time recording my outgoing message – sometimes with music; sometimes without.  It was another way of expressing myself when I was 13.  Enough about me here’s the best outgoing message of all time:

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I Hope I Never Make It On The News

If you’re being interviewed on the news these days it’s probably not because they think you’re an expert on murders or tornadoes.  Stay away from news cameras.

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An Oldie But Goodie

If you’ve got any leprechaun issues in your town, please contact the experts in Mobile, AL to help you out. They can solve all your leprechaun needs or problems. I know this video is old, but it’s too good not watch every once in a while. If there was a best of youtube, this would be top 10. What’s not funny about this video?

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