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Bah Humbug!


Fred Clause is the worst movie I’ve seen all year. Hands down. Do not go see this movie. If you’re looking to get in the Christmas spirit rent Elf or even Ernest Saves Christmas. Whatever you do avoid this movie at all costs.

Oh and will someone please give Vince Vaughn some more metaphors to throw around.  Hey ‘my man’ you’re shtick is getting old. Give it a rest.  Even Adam Sandler’s tried to branch out.

If you do waste your $9 on this hot pile of poo you will have the satisfaction of watching the beautiful AND talented Elizabeth Banks don some sort of naughty Santa’s helper outfit for a couple of scenes. Wowzers! You can’t really understand how hot it is from this picture, but it’s enough to make you think about Christmas a little differently. She’s an old crush rekindled and she doesn’t even have bangs!



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Rilo Kiley – Silver Lining

This is my favorite track off of Rilo Kiley’s new album.  Excellent new video.  I love you Jenny Lewis.

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The New Internet Phenomenon

Here’s a fantastic reaction to possibly the most disturbing video ever created. I’m not going to say the name of the video I’m referencing cause I don’t want anyone to seek it out. It’s absolutely disgusting; however, it’s now everywhere. My roommate even saw a sign on ESPN’s Gameday referencing this video (notice I will not say what the sign said – understand I am trying to help you out here). Here’s the reaction:

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Congratulations Chet!!!!!


Chet had his highest traffic day of the year yesterday – reaching a total of 66 people. Baby steps. Baby steps. Maybe one day I’ll get to a 100 visitors. Come on everyone tell your friends. I do this for my people.

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Breaking Free

Thanks to Capt. ERK for throwing me this bone.  I’m not sure if it’s alright to post or not.  I mean I feel really bad for this girl, but if you can survive all 4 minutes of it then you are stronger than I am.

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“Brett, you got it going on”

I finally saw the “Bowie” episode last night.  Still not my favorite show of all time, but still totally hilarious.

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The White Stripes – Conquest

Hot off the presses: the new White Stripes video for their remake of the song “Conquest”. I’m not a big Icky Thump fan but this song continues to grow on me as does the rest of the album.

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