#10 Katerine Heigl – I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan at all, but Knocked Up totally sealed the deal for me. She’s hot and funny and cute and everything else I’d like to bring home to my parents.


#9 Elizabeth Banks – She looks super hot in a football jersey (see Invincible for proof)


#8 Sienna Miller – Jude Law, what are you thinking? If she didn’t smoke she’d be 100% perfect and higher on my list. Factory Girl was quite lame, but getting to look at her on screen for an hour and a half was not.


#7 Jenny Lewis – Women who can sing and write kick ass tunes will always have a place in my heart. I also love redheads.


#6 Eva Green The Dreamers was obviously made so she’d take her clothes off. I’m thanking God for that. I’m also thanking God that she was cast in the new James Bond movie. Her eyes are beyond sexy.


#5 Allison Stokke – I don’t know much about her except she’s featured on every other blog I read and she’s extremely hot. Eat your heart out Sporty Spice – she actually plays sports. What a fox!


#4 Jessica Biel – She’s the hottest girl I’ve ever seen in underwear. It was definitely worth the $9 I paid to see the dog dump someone made called Chuck & Larry.


#3 Michelle Monaghan – Please put her in more movies!!! She’s hot. Look at her. The Heartbreak Kid was actually really funny and she was the highlight. This is what Chet wants his wife to look like.


#2 Kristen Bell – What more could you ask for from Kristen Bell? She dresses up like Princess Leia in one movie and a Dominatrix in another, but still manages to pull off that high school girlfriend vibe. I love her.


1. Megan Fox – My Transformers DVD smokes every time I open it. She’s the hottest girl on the planet right now. She also managed to be #1 despite the fact that she’s marrying the DJ dufus from Beverly Hills 90210. What are you thinking Megan? Anyway, she’s smokin’.





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7 responses to “CHET’S TOP TEN BABES OF 2007

  1. todd a

    are you allergic to boobs?

  2. Chet Hondo

    Todd, you are too funny. Next year I’ll be sure to include Cristy Canyons or some other girl with huge boobs so you can be pleased. Maybe Santa will bring you a Pamela Anderson calendar for Christmas.

  3. Jeremio Rodriguez


  4. brad

    Some surprises in there, Señor Hondo. And a few “ladies” I’ve never heard of — you crazy kids. Elizabeth Banks gets HUGE props for her Scrubs work. Sienna Miller would miss the cut for me for several reasons (seems like a frickin’ idiot in interviews, aspires to be a celebrity, dated Jude Law not once but like 8 times AND is totally hit and miss in photos).

    Biggest surprise? That you did the list at all.

    Second biggest surprise? That Isabel Sanford from the Jeffersons isn’t in there.

  5. ZXT

    Excellent choices! Banks, Bell and Monaghan are my favorites.

  6. Being myself a mistress lover I loved every single word of this fantastic post !

  7. Ray

    Great list. Agree with all your choices!

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