If this reads anything like his music then I’ll be out before I get to the contents.  I used to really enjoy his tunes, but he keeps churning out the same stuff album after album.  I feel like he’s now marketed to moms that drive minivans.  There’s an audience for it, but it ain’t me.


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  1. ASH

    what the hell..
    im pretty sure your the only one..
    he is loved in zealand..pretty much all over the world.
    the conclusion is…your the tool :):) have a nice night.

  2. Chet Hondo

    I used to like him. I just don’t anymore. It’s not my taste. I do like how you said “the conclusion is” – it reminded me of my 9th grade science class. Thanks for the input! 🙂

  3. I have to agree that the latest effort is half assed at best. Go on is a great tune, but it does sound like lots of throw backs from the curious george sound track. Im still going to the show 5 hours away. The new electric guitar he is playing sounds so sweet and the new songs do mix well with the older ones. The cant all be jems.

  4. antwain

    Hey Chet, do you know anything about music? If you don’t want to listen to jack johnson’s music that is fine, but to heckle him and make claims against his talent is just plain ignorance…. and try coming up with a better argument than calling his music mommy music, or that he is a turd or a tool, you just sound like a fool

  5. Chet Hondo

    Haha. I just reread that. I was probably having a bad day, but it is funny. I respect what he’s been able to accomplish, but I don’t believe 20 years from now we’ll find his albums on any “greatest of all time” lists. Those places are reserved for bands that have changed the musical landscape like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, etc. I understand that he’ll be on your top 10 list right next to the Dave Matthews Band and the very first Matchbox 20 record and that’s totally fine. It’s all opinions right? 5 people read this blog – I’m just glad you found it too.

  6. JT

    Wow, I’m impressed. Somebody on the internet didn’t defend his opinion by being a total dick. I don’t know if you got any more readers of your blog since October of last year, so I’ll consider myself reader #6.

  7. Chet Hondo

    Thanks man. I’m trying not to be such a hater these days. Jack’s a talented guy. Sorry to offend if I did.

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