Nice effort, but it didn’t change my life.  Visually Avatar is amazing.  There’s no denying the work that James Cameron put into the film.  The problem with the movie is the story.  Midway through the film I realized I didn’t care about either side (the Na’vi or the sky people); I just wanted it to end.  My friend ERK made the comment that no matter how good a movie looks a shitty story is still a shitty story. 

Here’s a couple of things I learned from Avatar: 1)  Sam Worthington is the real deal.  He is probably “the next big thing” if he isn’t already.  2) James Cameron really thinks he’s something.  I’m pretty sure he enjoys the smell of his own farts.  3)  The future of the sci-fi movie genre looks pretty good.  They just can’t forget the story.  4)  We need to save the rainforest or something.  Like let’s all quit cutting down trees, you guys!

I’ll say one more things about the film real quick if you don’t mind.  Each character was one you’ve seen 1000 times before in every other movie ever made.  For example, the concerned scientist who gives up her life to try and understand the other culture.  The military commander / bad guy who only speaks in cliches and solves every problem with violence.  The overzeolus businessman that is only looking at the bottom line.  And a protagonist torn between his past and his future.  He must make a choice, but you know he’ll choose wisely because he has a huge heart. 

Bottom line: Besides the visuals and 3D it kind of sucks.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t break any records!

2 (out of 5) stars


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