#10 Carrie Underwood – She might have been higher on my list but she’s now officially off the market (not that I ever had a chance).  She’s talented, sexy, and she’s not afraid to wear hooker boots.  Not too shabby.

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 #9 Emma Watson – Ok I feel a little dirty putting her on this list but she’s nineteen now and ridiculously cute.

#8 Heather Graham – Welcome back from obscurity Heather Graham.  You’re hot.  You’ve always been hot.  Special thanks to Todd Phillips by casting her as the stripper / mother of Carlos in The Hangover.  Any chance you’d come to my birthday party dressed as rollergirl this year? 

#7 Marisa Miller – By far my favorite Victoria’s Secret model.  I figured I needed to add at least one Victoria’s Secret model each year from now on because it’s my list and I can do that.  Plus she was featured on a calendar that supported the troops which means she’s into good causes and I support that.

#6 Zoe Saldana – She’s been on my radar since Guess Who with Demi Moore’s husband.  This year she was in two of the year’s biggest films – Avatar and Star Trek.  I never thought I’d fantasize about anything Star Trek related but she looks pretty damn good in that USS Enterprise uniform.

#5 Rihanna – This has been the year of Rihanna.  Not that she wasn’t a big star before the Chris Brown incident, but that took her to a whole new level.  I’m glad she was able to use that to educate others.

#4 Rachel McAdams – She’s probably the only girl on this list I would approach in public.  She seems like such a nice person – like she’d stop and talk to you for a few minutes before telling you to shove off.  I already can’t wait to see her in the next Sherlock Holmes.

#3 Leighton Meester – Yeah I’ve seen Gossip Girl a few times.  I don’t care that you know that.  She and Blake Lively are two of the hottest girls alive right now.  Apparently there’s a Leighton Meester sex tape somewhere out there.  Can you even imagine…

#2 January Jones – Where the hell have you been all my life?  I swear you were in one of those American Pies movies and then you disappeared.  I’m just glad you’re back…and hotter than ever.  If Don Draper can’t be the man you want him to be, you know Chet Hondo can.

#1 Blake Lively – Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  She’s got legs (among other fine things) and she knows how to use them.  To tell you the truth I didn’t really know who she was until I saw her on the cover of last year’s Rolling Stone – where she and Leighton Meester were having a popsicle together.  She was everywhere this year and will be everywhere in 2010 with a couple of movies coming out.  We here at salute you Blake Lively.  Happy New Year!

*Please note that Megan Fox is nowhere near this list and for good reason.  Jennifer’s Body was enough to make me forget about her for a long while.

*Also note that Sandra Bullock was removed from this list because of her role in the film All About Steve.  I still think she’s hot but that movie is inexcusable.

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