I’m going to start a new category here called burn factor where we take a hard look at a song and determine when it will get old.  We’ll rank the jam from 1-100.  This number will determine how many listens it will take for a song to get old.

Let’s start with download sensation Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.”  I get it.  It’s fun.  I want to listen to it right before I put on my faux tuxedo shirt (aka my going out shirt) and go take a bunch of Jagerbombs.  Upon first listen I kind of enjoyed it in an ironic-I-only-listen-to-bands-you’ve-never-heard-of kind of way.   I’ve now heard it 3 times and want stick dynamite in my ears and blow them right off.  Isn’t one Lady Gaga enough?  I think so. 

Burn Factor: 4 – This song is annoying.

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