Unfortunately I saw Wolfman on Friday night.  Piece of shit movie.  I’m almost mad I paid for the tickets.  They should have paid me to go see it.  I thought the trailer looked bad when it first came out, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  Here are a few bullet points for you:

The Good: The makeup looks pretty decent.

The Bad: Pretty much everything else is bad.  The script doesn’t make sense.  The acting is terrible.  The characters lack motivation.  The story is dull.  Even the killings aren’t terrifying.  There’s no intensity or suspense in the whole movie.

Verdict: .5 a star simply because it was made.

Why can’t someone make a decent movie about werewolves?  The only reason Underworld did so well is because they put Kate Beckinsale in a catsuit.  I think I’ll write one.  I can make a better one.  Wait for it.


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