Many apologies for the lack of posts lately.  I went to New York last Friday morning and have been a bit busy ever since.  I’m back now, but things are getting a little bit crazy with my wedding approaching. 

I wanted to take a minute to discuss Best Worst Movie.  It’s a documentary of one of Chet’s favorite movies Troll 2.  I had the opportunity to view it and meet some of the stars of Troll 2/BWM in New York this past weekend.  It was an incredible experience.  Watch them both as soon as you possibly can.  Here’s the trailer for Best Worst Movie:

Pictures of Chet and his news friends coming soon…



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4 responses to “BEST WORST MOVIE

  1. Farmer Waits

    What are you doing to my son?!

  2. Chet Hondo

    Dr. George Hardy is the coolest guy ever. I cannot wait to tell you more. Call ERK and get the whole story.

  3. Don P.

    Chet – I cannot wait to introduce you to my people

  4. Chet Hondo

    I’m honored you read the blog, Don P.

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