You may have heard the news already, but let me remind you that the Rolling Stones finest album Exile On Main Street was just remastered and reissued and re-released yesterday.  I debated for the entire work day whether or not I was going to purchase the whole thing or just the new tracks and found some advice from a old friend and Rolling Stones expert (Jim Lutz) who said, “Don’t be cheap!”  It was just the advice I needed to haul my ass down to Best Buy to buy their exclusive version with the interview disc. 

If you don’t own Exile then I advise you to drop what you’re doing and go get this album immediately.  It’s not a Rolling Stones greatest hits album and you probably won’t recognize most of the tracks – that is if you’re not a huge fan.  What it is though is a lesson in rock and roll history.  If someone asked me to describe what rock and roll sounded like, I would make them listen to Exile.  Jagger and Richards have never sounded so sleezy and so good.  From the opening track “Rocks Off” to the finale “Soul Survivor”, Exile grabs you by the throat and makes you rock. 

The bonus tracks are an excellent compliment to the first two sides of the double album.  Let me recommend “Pass The Wine”, “Plundered My Soul”, “So Divine (Aladdin Story)” and the alternate version of “Soul Survivor” with Richards on vocals.  Best $20 I’ve spent in a while.

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