Let’s be honest: I’m not hip.  In fact I’m far from hip, but that shouldn’t stop me from staying at a hip hotel when I travel.  I had my bachelor party in NYC last weekend and my friends – who did an amazing job with the planning of the festivities – booked us a room at the new Ace Hotel.  It’s pretty much the hippest place I’ve ever been.  Our room had an old school refrigerator, a turntable, and a guitar.  It also looked like my room at my house so I felt right at home.  The hotel is so hip that there’s a line to get in Friday and Saturday nights and Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest spins records there every Friday night.  Oh and the staff wears a uniform made especially for them from uber hip brand Band of Outsiders.  I took some pics myself but these professional ones are a lot better.  Go figure.  Click on the thumbnails to make them bigger. 


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