I’m fairly certain no one comes to ChetHondo.com seeking fashion advice, but that won’t stop me from posting it.  I’m usually late to the party when it comes to being cool, so it would take me 2 years of reading about APC jeans to finally make a purchase. 

When I got to New York last weekend, there was one thing I wanted and that was a pair of raw denim jeans.  The thought of actually being able to break in my own pair of jeans really appeals to me plus you don’t have to wash them for a year.  Can’t beat that.  

I had read enough about APC to know the price point and exactly what I was getting so I had ERK take me to their store in SOHO (yeah I shop in SOHO – so what? – I’m totally cool).   The sales guy pretty much knocked the fit and size out of the park.  You’ve got to size down in these puppies because they stretch out.  Putting them on is the ultimate chore and they definitely don’t feel good at first, but after a couple of days of wear I’m really starting to dig them. 

All of this to say that I’m on board with APC denim.  Go get a pair.  Context Clothing has a nice selection if you can’t make it to their SOHO store.  Who’s hip now?

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