I watched the first three seasons of Lost religiously; however,  season 4 lost me completely (pun intended).  I was so angry at the blue balls the show produced that I couldn’t stand to watch any more.  It was a difficult decision but I took my Wednesday night’s back.  With that said I would keep my eye on it from a distance – mostly from blog write-ups and friends – so last night I was determined to see how it ended.  I wasn’t disappointed. 

SPOILERS AHEAD: My interpretation was/is as follows:  the island is real.  It’s the glue that binds the characters together.  They were supposed to find each other on the island.  The events that happen on the island cannot be explained in the true sense of reality but they are definitely real to these characters.  The sideways world is the world in which they are stuck trying to get to their last destination – which is an interpretation of heaven.  In the sideways world they must all find one another to move on.  Where I got confused is whether or not they made it off the island.  I believe they did and live and die in the real world aka the world we’re in; but, to truly move on they must find each other in the sideways world or the in-between.  Only then can they officially move on and last night the did. 

I don’t mind not knowing everything about the island and why it exists.  What I liked about last night’s episode was the happy ending aspect to it.  I liked seeing all the characters find one another in the end.  They all go to heaven together.  Maybe Jack was the last to make it to the party and they were all waiting for him.  I thought that was pretty awesome.  

I know some people will have a million questions that they want answered, but you can’t fault Lost for leaving those out on the table.  They started with one goal in mind and that was to keep the audience guessing.  Mission accomplished.


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