No, I did not go see Sex and the City 2 this weekend, but I did go to the movies.  I went and saw Shrek Forever with CD.  She’s a huge Shrek fan.  It wasn’t half bad, but that’s not the point of the post.  I noticed something at the movies this weekend that I’ve previously noticed and did not comment on.  I noticed that all the girls going to see Sex and the City 2 were dressed to the nines.  They had on tight jeans or skirts and big ass heels.  They looked like they were going to a new bar in New York City rather than spending a Saturday night at the movies.  This got me thinking…isn’t this essentially the same thing as some group of overzealous nerds dressing up for the new Star Wars movie.  I think so.

Oh and SATC 2 came in 3rd at the box office this weekend.  I was kind of surprised considering how many girls I did see at the movies this past weekend.  It made 36 million, but I’m thinking everyone that wanted to see it saw it this weekend.  Big drop coming this weekend.

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