The Graduate is in my list of top 5 favorite films.  It’s perfect in almost every aspect.  It also happens to be my father’s favorite movie and that’s hold a lot of weight with me. 

I’m getting married this weekend and can’t help but think about this scene and its meaning.  Ben (Dustin Hoffman) learns that his true love, Elaine (the beautiful Katharine Ross), is getting married to the wrong guy and must go rescue her.  He speeds to the church and stops the wedding service.  But is it too late?  No, it’s never too late.  Ben grabs Elaine and they rush out of the church and hop on a bus.

The thing I love about the ending is the look of uncertainty on their faces.  They realize what they’ve just done by essentially messing up the status quo and as confident as they were 5 minutes before hopping on the bus, they’re now scared half to death.  The future is wide open. 

I think all marriage begins with a certain sense of uncertainty.  How could it not?  You’re making one of the biggest decisions of your life and you have no idea where it’s going to take you.  It’s exciting as hell though and I for one can’t wait.  I found an amazing girl and would totally stop a wedding for her and hop on a bus to God-knows-where with Simon & Garfunkel playing in the background.  Cheers to new beginnings!



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  1. Tania

    Really nice review 🙂

  2. Robert

    I have seen that movie fifty times and was always puzzled by end. But you absolutley nailed it.

  3. Shane

    I totally agree. I don’t think any movie has ever depicted love as well as ‘The Graduate’ did in it’s end scene. No other movie has made me cry so happily as I did during the last scene of ‘The Graduate’.

  4. Scott

    I think that the ending really goes beyond marriage and their situation in general. The ending really can be seen as a analogy to the 1960s in general. The younger generation rebelling against the older generation. When both Ben and Elaine finally get the nerve to rebel- they are elated. But, then it dawns on them that they have no idea where they are going (hence the bus going to some undetermined area). The rebellion of the 1960s could be seen in this way as well- the younger generation were rebelling against what they believed was an older generation caught up in materialistic, shallow and hypocritical ways- but, although they knew that they wanted to rebel- they really had no idea where they were heading. This is the way that I always viewed the ending.

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