Easy ladies!  I’m a married man now.  I’m sorry for the lack of posts but getting married is busy stuff.  The pic above is where we stayed in St. Barts.  It’s called the Eden Rock.  Phenomenal place to stay.  The beach was incredible.  The staff was friendly and accommodating.  Honeymoon and wedding were a huge success.  My wife  is the shit.  Life is good.  Click on the post or hit more to see a few more pics of the hmoon.  If you want to see a lot of them, you’ll have to find me on facebook. 

Charlie Daniels and me at dinner last Friday night.  L’Isola in Gustavia was my favorite meal.

The boats in Gustavia.

My favorite pic of the weekend.  Some American dude (surprisingly) posted up right next to us on the beach in his white thong.  Do not adjust your eyes.  This really happened.  He was perfectly nice though as we discussed Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and other recent fiction.

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