I saw Predators yesterday afternoon and can’t really decide if I enjoyed the film or not.  Part of me wants to like it because the first film is a classic.  The other part of me wants to hate it because the first film is a classic. 

Full disclosure: I didn’t see Predator until last week but I realize its significance in cinema.  For 1987, the effects in that movie are top-notch.  It’s definitely one of Arnold’s best movies. 

I don’t have a problem with a studio trying to reboot or redo a classic movie (see Batman Begins).  My problem with Predators is that it barely makes sense.  The writers / director  don’t explain anything.  These people with troubled pasts are basically parachuted into some random jungle and we never find out how or why.  We just know that they’re being hunted by something other than humans.  But why these people?  We never find out.  It’s all some weird alien sport. 

My friend ERK said “it must be so easy to be a sci-fi writer, because you can explain so much by using a white light.”  So true.  How many movies and TV shows have you seen where a white light is the cause and effect of everything plot related.  You can make up for your lack of creativity by having the characters appear from a white light.  Brilliant. 

I realize that I’m not going to solve life’s problems by watching a movie like Predators.  A movie like Predators is made for action purposes and surprisingly the film is lacking in that department.  Go if you must but it’ll be on Showtime in two months if you can wait that long. 

2 out of 5 stars


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