The Local Taco has been a Nashville establishment for a little over a year now and is one of my go-to restaurants.  You can find me in there 2-3 times a week.  It’s open for lunch and dinner on the weekdays and brunch on the weekends. 

I mention it on the blog for 2 reasons: 1) I’m addicted to their southern fried tacos and 2) they’re opening a new location in Brentwood next week.  The owner recently gave me a tour of the new Brentwood location and it’s really impressive.  The kitchen out there is 4 times the size of their current one and there’s a lot more seating.   

I can’t recommend the southern fried tacos enough.  A couple other tacos to check out are the korean bbq, the buffalo chicken, and the fish tacos.  Also be sure to grab some queso and chips.  Don’t tell them Chet sent you because they don’t know who I am.  I was the mayor on foursquare for a bit, but some girl has made it her mission to boot me out of the spot and she did (ps foursquare is really stupid).  I will get it back soon enough.

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