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On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Sir Paul McCartney perform in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena.  I’ve been a hardcore Beatles fan since I was in 7th grade and my music teacher at the time made us watch the making of Sgt. Pepper’s (thank you Mr. Biff).  That documentary changed my life.  I was hooked.

I spent most of high school and college trying to hammer out Beatles songs on the guitar.  I tried to use their songs as maps to write my own tunes.  I would then get so frustrated because I couldn’t even get close replicating any of their music magic.  I’ve got mad respect for The Beatles but who doesn’t?

Paul’s always been my favorite, so when they announced his show at Bridgestone I pretty much freaked out.  I couldn’t wait for it.  We even made it a family affair.  My parents, wife, sister and brother-in-law went with me.

Monday night was everything I could have hoped for.  He played a lot of solo and Wings favorites and some great Beatles songs.  My personal highlights were: “Blackbird”, “Live & Let Die”, “I’m Looking Through You” and of couse “Hey Jude.”  It’s hard to believe that the guy sounds so great at 67.  He didn’t miss a beat.  If he plays around here again I will definitely be going.  You probably should too.

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Venus and Mars/Rock Show/ Jet (bass)
All my loving
I feel like letting go
Got to get you into my life
Highway? (Firemen)
Let me roll it (switched to guitar)
Purple Haze (instr)
Long and winding road (piano)
Nineteen hundred and eight five
Let ’em in
My love
I’m looking through you (acoustic)
Two of us
Blackbird (solo)
Song for John (Here today?)
Dance tonight (mando)
What’s the use oif worrying (Oh ay o) (acoustic)
Eleanor rigby
Ram on (uke)
Something (uke to full band)
Sing the changes? (Firemen) (Bass) (blond guy big strumming 12 string)
Band on the run
Obladi oblada
Back in the ussr
I got a feeling (w funky reprise)
Paperback writer
Day in the life/Give peace a chance
Let it be (piano)
Live and let die
Hey Jude (roll out piano)

Encore 1:
Day tripper
Lady madonna
Get back (with kid)

Encore 2:
(sign the hofner)
Helter skelter
Sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band (reprise)
The end

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