A couple of months ago you may remember I declared that J Roddy Walston and the Business were a band you should know.   I stand behind that statement after listening to their debut album on Vagrant Records.

If you like rock and roll and I mean balls-out rock and roll that was founded on r&b then you will dig this album.  Take a little Stones circa Exile mix it in with some Black Crowes and Jerry Lee Lewis and you’ve got J Roddy Walston and the Business. 

I’ve been diggin’ on their sound since a good friend of mine forced me to download “The Times Are A Staying” – which is still my favorite track of theirs.  The new album builds on that sound starting with piano-charged “Don’t Break The Needle.”  If you’re not stomping your feet by the end of this tune, then you’re either on some really mellow drugs or can’t hear shit. 

The rest of the album is just as exciting.  Stand out tracks are “Brave Man’s Death”, “I Don’t Want To Hear It”, and “Don’t Get Old.”  I can’t comment on their live show, but if it’s anything like this album then count me the next time they’re in Nashville or within driving distance. 

3.5 out 5 stars


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  1. Battlecat

    Indeed, you need to remedy this situation and go see them as soon as humanly possible.

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