Complete crap.  Besides Michelle Rodriquez in a bra with a machine gun (can’t believe I’m writing that), I can’t really say too many positive things about this film.  The acting was less than stellar and that goes for everyone in the film including Bob Di Nero.  I know George W. Bush was a complete idiot, but does every fake president from every movie have to be a retard from Texas (I use retard in the idiot sense of the word not handicap).  It’s getting old. 

I know the movie is supposed to be set up like a 70’s B movie throwback but Robert Rodriguez failed at the execution big time.  The script lacked a lot of imagination and plot.  I get the pro-no borders campaign but dude that’s no reason to make a whole movie about it. 

Awful awful movie.  I loved Planet Terror and Sin City so don’t think I missed the point of this one.  Bad film making is bad film making.  You can’t hide it.


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