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I had to post something about the new Matthew McConaughey vehicle Fool’s Gold. Are you kidding me? How does this crap get made. This dude hasn’t been good since Dazed & Confused. This might be the crappiest trailer for a movie I’ve seen since Battlefield Earth. What a douche bag! He needs to STOP making movies and go back to smoking pot and playing the bongo drums naked for friends. Get a real job, bro.

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Apparently this video was shown when Cruise was presented with some big deal Scientology award. Wow! Quite impressive. If this doesn’t prove that he’s insane, then I don’t know what does. My favorite part is when he says he’s the only person that can help someone in a car accident. What? Have you ever heard of doctors? I can’t wait until Katie Holmes goes crazy, breaks up with Tom Cruise, and writes a tell all book. The truth is out there and one day we’ll know. Until then we can just go on assuming Tom Cruise is the craziest person of all time. What a freak.

Apparently The Church of Scientology is pulling this video off of every site imaginable.  I hope they don’t find me.  What a bunch of weirdies.

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Rumor has it the cute couple is not even dating any more. Sweet. What the hell do you do with a baby at 16? I couldn’t imagine a worse way to celebrate my sixteenth year on earth. It also amazes me that when her child is 16 she’ll be 32. Holy Shit that’s too young to have a 16 year old. I hope Hannah Montana’s not next. Who in the hell are young girls going to have to look up to?

Best part about hearing the news yesterday was this:


You think? Also, who the fuck are the publishers that said “you know what Lynne you’re doing such a smash up job raising your two daughters we’re gonna give you a bunch of money to write a book about it.” My next question is who would read this book? Strippers and prostitutes. What a mess!

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I’ve known for quite some time that Darryl Worley a) just got back from war b) misses his friend c) has not forgotten. What I didn’t know was that he had friends. I guess he’s buddies with Tracy Lawrence. Check out this sweet clip of him in Tracys video for “You Find Out Who Your Friends Are”. What a tool.

And while you’re at it check out this terrible song and video:

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This is the way Falcons players found out their head coach was quitting before the season ended.  What a coward!  He had 3 more games left and couldn’t even tell them to their faces.  Someone on the radio this morning called him a Judas and a Brutus.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Enjoy mediocrity at Arkansas, douche!

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The Killers Ruin Xmas Again

What’s wrong with this band? Last year they released some lame Christmas song that didn’t make any sense. This year they’ve released another lame Christmas song that doesn’t make any sense with an even lamer video.

I can’t figure these guys out. They’re so pompous and full of s**t that they demand you take them seriously, but how can you when they release crap like this. Yuck!

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Jermaine Dupri is an idiot

Can you believe this guy? Doesn’t he have enough money as it is? Why don’t record labels realize that you have got to give it up if you’re going to make it in today’s day and age. The music business is different pal it’s time to wake up.

Remember in the early 2000’s when rap outsold pop music 5 to 1 or something ridiculous like that. Jermaine, this is no longer 2001. You may be relevant cause you date Janet Jackson, but no one cares any more. You’re a has-been and an awful one at that. I don’t even think VH1 will come calling to you for a reality show.

Attitudes like his are why the music business has gone to the consumers. He’s talking here as though we need give that power back to the labels. Do you know why? Cause he’s scared if the label’s not paying him he won’t be able to afford the jet with 32 seats as opposed to the one with 24.

This shit pisses me off. Get a clue buddy!

And look I went to Target and bought the American Gangster soundtrack cause it wasn’t on iTunes. It’s a great record and should be heard, so why not put it on iTunes as whole album – at least then you’d be giving the fans another outlet to buy it. ( I actually searched for it on iTunes with intentions of buying the whole album)

Jermaine Dupris’ attitude is exactly what’s wrong with the music business. It’s bunch of old school idiots playing with other people’s money.

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