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Facebook is set to launch a highly anticipated chat feature in the next 2 weeks to allow for real time communication within the popular social network.


The program will sit at the bottom of the page showing open chat windows and number of friends online. The user can pop out the entire chat interface into a separate window to show online friend lists and current conversations which is similar to Gchat’s Gtalk feature (see screen capture above). The users will be able to throw online/offline status easily which is a similar feature to Away Messages in AIM. Users will also be able to clear their chat history and they “online” status will appear throughout the site.

Great – I really need more distractions from work.

Check out video of an exclusive demo of Facebook Chat:

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Rumor has it the cute couple is not even dating any more. Sweet. What the hell do you do with a baby at 16? I couldn’t imagine a worse way to celebrate my sixteenth year on earth. It also amazes me that when her child is 16 she’ll be 32. Holy Shit that’s too young to have a 16 year old. I hope Hannah Montana’s not next. Who in the hell are young girls going to have to look up to?

Best part about hearing the news yesterday was this:


You think? Also, who the fuck are the publishers that said “you know what Lynne you’re doing such a smash up job raising your two daughters we’re gonna give you a bunch of money to write a book about it.” My next question is who would read this book? Strippers and prostitutes. What a mess!

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Led Zeppelin On The Cover of Rolling Stone


Hey look Led Zeppelin’s on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Where’s Sean “P.Diddy” Combs? I thought he was a member of this band. I can’t wait to pick up a new Zep shirt at hot topic in the classic rock section. Sweet.

Anyone else think Jimmy Page looks like one of the futuristics dudes from the original Superman movie? Kind of creepy.


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Hondo News Story of the Day

Apparently US soldiers were not fooled when this beautiful bride tried to make his way through a Baghdad check point:


I wonder what gave it away. He/she was traveling with a caravan of only males and didn’t stop at the required checkpoint. This looks the kind of stunt you’d find in a Sally Fields movie. For the whole story see This guy was also a terror suspect. I’m glad we got him.

Who’s the prettier bride – this guy or Dennis Rodman?


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