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It’s a Friday Free For All so I’m going to post whatever I feel like today.  I used to watch this video and think 3 things: 1) Why does this chick have a dude’s haircut? 2) Is this chick dating the dude in the Zebra pants? 3) Would I hit that chick with the dude’s haircut? 

Spend some time thinking about those things…ok?

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Wanna know how excited I am that it’s finally the weekend?  Watch and you’ll see:

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I’ve been saying ‘best ever’ way too much lately, so forgive me for not describing “Faithfully” as the best 80’s music video ever. If it’s not it’s gotta be close. Steve Perry’s mustache is classic. And the video follows the lyrics of the song to a ‘T’. Also, thank God for the Sopranos. It’s not longer uncool and ironic to be a Journey fan. These guys rock and so does Steve Perry.

The woman I marry will want this to be our song. I think that will now be a requirement for me. If it takes several girls to find that one special Journey fan, then so be it. My heart can wait.

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