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First I want to apologize for the crappy graphics above.  I’m without photoshop this morning so I had to put all the pics together via WordPress and it was no easy task.  Now for the latest in Sports news:

OPENING DAY: It’s opening day of the 2010 baseball season.  I probably should have called in sick but I think there are plenty of games left so hopefully I won’t miss too much.  I would like to go ahead and recommend MLB At Bat for the iphone.  Best app ever.  Let’s go Yanks!

MCNABB TO THE REDSKINS: Philly fans have been calling for his head ever since he was drafted.  They finally got their wish last night when he was traded to Washington.  Now is the time for McNabb to shine without the added pressure of playing in Philly.  I think he will.  It’s gonna be a tough road for new starting QB Kevin Kolb.  Get ready for the backlash. 

DUKE VS BUTLER FOR CHAMPIONSHIP: I don’t really care about this game.  Ok I know Butler’s a great story, but the tournament is better when two great teams are playing for the championship.  It just is.  I’m pulling for Duke tonight.  I’m over Cinderella.  Sorry. 

THE MASTERS: The Masters is the best tournament in golf and Tiger Woods is making his comeback this week.  I wish he would have chosen another tournament to come back to because it’s all were going to hear about all week.  I don’t hate Tiger.  He’s the best golfer of all time.  He might not be the best person of all time, but golf is better when he’s playing.  Not sure who I’m pulling for this week but it ain’t Tiger. 

That’s it for Sports news.  I tried to keep it short and sweet.  My predictions for the Masters will come on Wednesday.  I know you can’t wait.


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The story can be found here on ESPN.com.  I’m always amazed when owners are surprised that the people who pay money to see their favorite teams play are pissed when they don’t perform well.  There have been two times in my life I’ve thought about wearing a bag to a Titans game – only to suddenly see the Titans turn it around or make a change to get me and the crowd involved again. 

Come on Nets CEO.  This should not be news to you.  If you keep putting crap out there on the court, you might not even sell 10 tickets to the game.  Isn’t Jay-Z involved with the Nets somehow?  Can’t he do something to fix this?  He’s Jay-Z.  He runs this town and shit.

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It’s NCAA Tournament week.  I don’t feel like getting a lot of work done this week.  I’m distracted, excited, etc.  I probably won’t be updating Chet as much as I usually do so forgive me.  I just wanted to let the public know why there’s not a ton of new content on here.  I think most colleges are on Spring Break this week so I might just take a little Spring Break from the internet.  If you don’t hear from me until next week, have a fantastic week and good luck with your bracket.

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Arenas has been suspended indefinitely for pulling a gun on a fellow teammate.  He made light of the situation the other night by making guns with his fingers and firing them at his teammates.  What a moron.  I guess this joke misfired (get it? I’ll be here all week).

*Thanks for the tip on the pic, ERK.

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When people ask me why I watch the NBA, I will direct them to this clip from the Nuggets game.   Let’s be honest here: how awesome are boobies?

Thank you monkey see monkey do opposite for remind me why I watch the NBA.

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Ever dreamed about winning a lot of money? Sure, we all do.  Then why don’t you play Chet Hondo’s Bracket Busters 2008, ya dummy.

Every year Chet hosts his own NCAA bracket pool.

So how much is it?
It’s only $20.

Only $20 for that kind of fun?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  

No, I’m not kidding.  The pool is hosted online at cbssportsline.com.  It’s really easy to sign up and really easy to play, so if you don’t live near Chet you can still play and pay with ease.

WOW!  That sounds amazing!  How can I get started?  

To get started please send an email to chethondo@gmail.com and I’ll send you all the information you need to play.  And if you can recruit 10 friends to play, I’ll pay your entry fee.

Holy smokes!  Thanks Chet!  I’m gonna go sign up today!!!!

Thanks for signing up make believe conversation guy.  And good luck!

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How badass is this picture? I’m sure there will be a poster made and I’m sure I will buy that poster. If you haven’t watched the dunk contest from the other night’s NBA All-Star Night then check it out here.

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