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It’s all speculation at this point, but according to justjared.com the actress might be wearing long sleeves these days to hide an engagement ring from long time boyfriend and douchebag Hayden “I can’t act to save my life” Christensen.  I guess if I was a chick and engaged to that guy I’d probably try and hide it too.

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I subscribe to the Bob Lefsetz newsletter and I don’t know why. It’s terrible. When I first started reading a year ago, I liked how honest he was. The music industry needed change and I felt like he was the only one who REALLY understood. A year and several hundred newsletters later, I wonder why the hell I’ve listened to this douche bag so closely.

Bob is old. It’s evident in his music taste. However, I started really losing interest when he began dissecting new country music. For 4 weeks straight every newsletter was about Little Big Town or Kenny Chesney or some other cheeseball country act. And then he switched modes and started jerking off to lame ass forgettable 70’s acts. I mean seriously who’s ever heard of some of these people. Spirit?

Well now I’m officially done with his newsletter. I read one this weekend about Vampire Weekend on Letterman. He hated their performance:

Vampire Weekend’s album might be better than their live show. But last night on Letterman, I just saw more white boys playing thin rock. I laughed to myself, wondering why everybody was wasting so much time on this evanescent act. I switched the channel.

Wow Bob how out of touch with new music are you? I went looking for their performance on youtube (see below) and I saw something totally different. I saw a young new band playing music for all the right reasons. Yeah they’ve been ridiculously hyped and the “hoi polloi” now know about them, but they’re young. They’ve got passion and a new sound. Aren’t you sick of emo? I know I am. Go away FOB!

Bob Lefsetz is an OLD music fan – a nobody. A guy who couldn’t cut it as a label head and now he’s bitter and thinks he understands everything their is to know about the music business. He’s not in tune with what the kids are doing or what’s REALLY happening. He’s a jerk off.

Here’s that Vampire Weekend clip from Letterman the other night:

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This is the way Falcons players found out their head coach was quitting before the season ended.  What a coward!  He had 3 more games left and couldn’t even tell them to their faces.  Someone on the radio this morning called him a Judas and a Brutus.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Enjoy mediocrity at Arkansas, douche!

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