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The first one is for Bad Teacher:

Ok ok.  I get it.  Gross is funny.  But this should have come out after The Mask. You know when Cameron Diaz was still hot and wasn’t dating A-Rod.  Points for “bonkers!” and Jason Segel but we’ve seen this movie before.

The next one is for the Captain America teaser trailer:

The big question is whether or not people want to see Chris Evans on screen.  Personally, I don’t like him.  I saw both Fantastic 4 movies.  Not sure why.  He looks like that guy in high school that was a swimmer.  You know the one I’m talking about?  He got up every morning at 5 and swam for an hour before school.  Dork.

The third trailer is for Bridesmaids:

Hey everyone, girls can be funny too!  Duh.  Didn’t you know that?  They can also be raunchy.  Duh.  Honestly, I expected more from Judd Apatow.  Girls like going to the movies but not for the same reason guys do.  Guys go to get grossed out and laugh.  Girls go to be romanced.

The final trailer of the day is for The Source Code:

I’ll see it because I like Michelle Monagham and that broad from The Departed. Oh and the black guy with the cool voice is usually in good movies.  Done.

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