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First and foremost congrats to Heath Ledger on his Oscar win.  It’s a tragedy he wasn’t around to accept the award.  Obviously if you’re a fan of chethondo.com then you know how I feel about The Dark Knight.  It was the best / biggest movie of the year and the director and film itself weren’t nominated.  What a crock of shit!

I can pretty much sum up the 2009 Academy Awards in 2 words: boring & predictable.  There were no real surprises and Hugh Jackman might as well head back to Broadway permanently.  If I wanted to watch the Tony Awards then I guess I would have waited until whenever the hell they come on.  We get it – the musical is back but please understand that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see a bunch of a-holes sing and dance for 3 hours.  What a waste of time.


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I just got back from the midnight screening of The Dark Knight. I’m tired and have to be up for work in 3 hours. Am I wishing that I waited until tomorrow to see this movie? Hell no! It was unbelievable.

It’s Heath Ledger’s movie. The other actors get out of his way and let him perform. See it this weekend.  I’m already planning on going back.  It does not disappoint.

I’d like to post a more thorough review of the film, but words can’t really do it justice. You need to see it. Thank you Christopher Nolan for reminding us how much fun it is to go to the movies.

It’s The Dark Knight’s day and weekend. See you on Monday.

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I meant to post this several weeks ago, but never got around to writing a fitting tribute to Heath Ledger. He was a good actor well on his way to being great. He chose grown up roles that separated him from his teen comedy acting contemporaries. He will be missed greatly.

One of my guilty pleasure movies is Lords of Dogtown and he’s part of the reason I watch it from time to time. Here’s a clip:

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HEATH LEDGER (1979-2008)


I’m sure everyone’s heard by now, but Heath Ledger passed away yesterday at age 28 – apparently of an accidental overdose.  What a tragedy.  He was a great young actor with a promising future.  He will be missed.

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