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I slacked at the cinema this year.  I can’t believe it.  We’re nearing the end of 2009 and here’s what I HAVE NOT seen: Up in the Air, Precious, Where the Wild Things Are, Moon, An Education, and A Serious Man.  I feel somewhat defeated, so without further ado here are my top 10 favorites of 2009:

#10 Up – I’m not a big cartoon fan but Up roped me in.  The 5 minute montage of courtship, marriage, and old age is heavy enough to make the hardest of people teary-eyed. 

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Oscar nominations were revealed today and there were little surprises (as usual).  The Best Picture nominees are as follows:  Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Reader, and Milk.  I’m torn between Slumdog and Frost/Nixon.  I think Frost/Nixon could pull the upset.  I loved that film.  I’m also in the minority here but I thought Milk was just ok.  Sean Penn was great, but the movie just didn’t do it for me.

For the whole list of nominations, click here.

I also want to say why the hell is Phil Collins nominated every year for song of the year.  He’s an assclown and everyone knows it but the idiots that put these nominations together.   Why the f**k wasn’t the Boss nominated for “The Wrestler”?  It’s the best song in 3 years.

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