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The first one is for Bad Teacher:

Ok ok.  I get it.  Gross is funny.  But this should have come out after The Mask. You know when Cameron Diaz was still hot and wasn’t dating A-Rod.  Points for “bonkers!” and Jason Segel but we’ve seen this movie before.

The next one is for the Captain America teaser trailer:

The big question is whether or not people want to see Chris Evans on screen.  Personally, I don’t like him.  I saw both Fantastic 4 movies.  Not sure why.  He looks like that guy in high school that was a swimmer.  You know the one I’m talking about?  He got up every morning at 5 and swam for an hour before school.  Dork.

The third trailer is for Bridesmaids:

Hey everyone, girls can be funny too!  Duh.  Didn’t you know that?  They can also be raunchy.  Duh.  Honestly, I expected more from Judd Apatow.  Girls like going to the movies but not for the same reason guys do.  Guys go to get grossed out and laugh.  Girls go to be romanced.

The final trailer of the day is for The Source Code:

I’ll see it because I like Michelle Monagham and that broad from The Departed. Oh and the black guy with the cool voice is usually in good movies.  Done.

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Radiohead’s new video for “Lotus Flower” creeps me out a bit.  I’m not sure if it’s Thom Yorke’s dancing or if it’s because it reminds me so much of this:

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In case you didn’t hear the news yesterday, Radiohead have a new album coming out this Saturday.  Re-read that sentence.  Yeah, it was announced yesterday.  I love this news.  There’s nothing more annoying than hearing one of your favorite bands has just finished recording their new album and then having to wait half a year for it to come out.  Bulldinkies.  More bands should start releasing music right after they record it.  Fans will find it.  But I guess if you’re Radiohead, you can do whatever the hell you want.  I just preordered this thing at www.thekingoflimbs.com.  You should too.

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I’m less than 100 pages away from finishing Keith Richards’ new book Life.  I’m going to go on record and say that it’s one of the top 10 books I’ve ever read.  As a diehard music fan, it hits me pretty hard.  Hearing the stories behind the albums and the songs makes listening to the Stones an absolute joy.  They’ve always been third on my list behind the Beatles and The Ramones, but they – especially Keith Richards – have just passed the Ramones as my second favorite band of all time.  Alert the press please. 

The book is not what you’re expecting.  I’ll admit I didn’t know too much about Keef – besides drugs and women – before I started reading the book.  Sure, there’s plenty of drugs and women in Life, but the thing that surprised me the most abot Keef is how smart he is.  He’s also a good guy.  He regrets certain periods of his life and he recognizes that.  Life is a celebration of a living Legend.  Please read it.  Don’t be a douche.

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I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World last night and loved it.  I have not read the comic, but I can only imagine that Edgar Wright did it justice.  It’s one of the most fun films I’ve seen in a long time (well since Kick-Ass at least).

My only problem with the film was Michael Cera.  I used to really like him but after seeing him be the same damn character for the 100th time in a row I’m a little tired of it.  I had a hard time believing that he could score any of the girls in the movie.

The supporting cast and Edgar Wright’s direction are the real reasons to see the movie.

3 out 5 stars

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The Arcade Fire is arguably the best band of our generation.  I can’t think of another band that gets me as excited as they do.  I know deep down they’re politically charged, but they say things so eloquently with their music that often times I overlook the message.  I don’t really care what they’re saying as long as they keep me rocking. 

The Suburbs is more of the same escapism you’re used to from The Arcade Fire and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact it’s a good thing – it’s a perfect kick in the seat.  Let’s get up and go do something.  I don’t know what, but I don’t want to be stuck here.  Ya dig? 

I don’t need to tell you what songs to download or how to listen to them.  Just buy the whole damn thing and listen from start to finish.  You won’t be disappointed. 

4.5 out 5 stars

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A couple of months ago you may remember I declared that J Roddy Walston and the Business were a band you should know.   I stand behind that statement after listening to their debut album on Vagrant Records.

If you like rock and roll and I mean balls-out rock and roll that was founded on r&b then you will dig this album.  Take a little Stones circa Exile mix it in with some Black Crowes and Jerry Lee Lewis and you’ve got J Roddy Walston and the Business. 

I’ve been diggin’ on their sound since a good friend of mine forced me to download “The Times Are A Staying” – which is still my favorite track of theirs.  The new album builds on that sound starting with piano-charged “Don’t Break The Needle.”  If you’re not stomping your feet by the end of this tune, then you’re either on some really mellow drugs or can’t hear shit. 

The rest of the album is just as exciting.  Stand out tracks are “Brave Man’s Death”, “I Don’t Want To Hear It”, and “Don’t Get Old.”  I can’t comment on their live show, but if it’s anything like this album then count me the next time they’re in Nashville or within driving distance. 

3.5 out 5 stars

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No comment needed for this:

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I saw Inception last night and can’t quit thinking about it.  It blew my f**king mind.  It’s definitely the best film of the year – a thinking man’s blockbuster.  Those that follow the trade papers know what a risk this was: giving Christopher Nolan a blockbuster budget to make an art-house flick.  He tore the roof off the sucka.  It brought in 60+ million this past weekend – meaning people in the big cities and the fly-over states were diggin’ all over it.

To try and discuss the plot here would be an insult to Nolan’s storytelling.  Go see this movie as soon as you can.  The casting, the directing, the writing, the editing…everything is as close to perfect as you’re gonna get in a film.  I’m sure there are some loopholes in the story – there always are – but when you make a movie this good who the f**k cares.  I will definitely be seeing it again.

5 out of 5 stars

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I saw Predators yesterday afternoon and can’t really decide if I enjoyed the film or not.  Part of me wants to like it because the first film is a classic.  The other part of me wants to hate it because the first film is a classic. 

Full disclosure: I didn’t see Predator until last week but I realize its significance in cinema.  For 1987, the effects in that movie are top-notch.  It’s definitely one of Arnold’s best movies. 

I don’t have a problem with a studio trying to reboot or redo a classic movie (see Batman Begins).  My problem with Predators is that it barely makes sense.  The writers / director  don’t explain anything.  These people with troubled pasts are basically parachuted into some random jungle and we never find out how or why.  We just know that they’re being hunted by something other than humans.  But why these people?  We never find out.  It’s all some weird alien sport. 

My friend ERK said “it must be so easy to be a sci-fi writer, because you can explain so much by using a white light.”  So true.  How many movies and TV shows have you seen where a white light is the cause and effect of everything plot related.  You can make up for your lack of creativity by having the characters appear from a white light.  Brilliant. 

I realize that I’m not going to solve life’s problems by watching a movie like Predators.  A movie like Predators is made for action purposes and surprisingly the film is lacking in that department.  Go if you must but it’ll be on Showtime in two months if you can wait that long. 

2 out of 5 stars

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