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Do I like this show or not?  I’m undecided.  I can’t quit watching it because it’s so terrible.  Maybe that’s the point and I’m missing it.  Regardless of my opinion lots of people (including my wife) are really into it.  I’ll keep watching cause there’s nothing else to watch before Mad Men.

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Honestly, I’m starting to think that it’s time to leave her alone. We get it. She’s 100% insane. This has been proven several times. Let’s move on to someone else and I’m not talking about Lindsey Lohan. She’s a whack job too.

Maybe this Rolling Stone article will begin the cleansing process for we the people. It’s time to rid ourselves of this nightmare. Once a day she’s commits herself to a psychiatric ward and we’re supposed to act surprised. She’s nuts. Her music is crap. Her life is crap and we’re no longer interested. It’s time to move on and bury Britney Spears.

Side note: This is still really funny:

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