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I could have done without the terrible music, but I think it looks pretty solid.  Is that Cameron Diaz by the way?  She just doesn’t look good to me these days.  Am I wrong here?

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I went and saw Funny People over the weekend and was surprised by how unfunny it actually was.  Don’t get me wrong there are enough ball and shaft jokes to make you laugh out loud, but the movie’s 2 1/2 hour pacing makes you wish for just a little more.

Sandler is cast perfectly as washed-up sick comedian George Simmons.  Seth Rogen is his puppy dog assistant / joke writer.  And Leslie Mann is Sandler’s old flame aka the one the got away.  She’s wonderful as usual, but the real surprise is how funny Eric Bana is as her non showbiz husband.  It’s nice to see him do comedy for a change.

My main problem with the film is the pace.  The first 2 acts go off without a hitch, but the last act completely stalls and causes the film to lose momentum.

If you’re expecting Knocked Up or 40 Year Old Virgin, you’re going to be disappointed.  If you go thinking you’re going to see a film about how depressing it is to be a big time comedian with lots of fame and fortune, then you’ll be entertained…for the most part.

It’s a nice change for Apatow, but not for the audience.

CHET’S RATING: 2.5 out of 5

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I happened to be home on a Saturday evening and then just happened to stumble upon this gem – probably the only funny thing I’ve seen on SNL in a while.

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