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I must confess I’m Twi-curious.  I want to see the new Twilight movie.  I know what you’re thinking, “of course you do, loser” and although I respect your opinion I don’t really care.  It’s a cultural phenomenon.  Sure I don’t understand it and probably never will, but it wasn’t made for me.  It was made for the millions of teenage girls who grow up to have cats named after characters in the book.  Clearly I will never be mistaken for one of those.

I saw the first one.  I hated every single minute of it.  It dragged in parts and was more focused on introducing the world to Robert Pattinson than actually telling a story.  As someone who prides himself on seeing a lot of movies, I could see this film was a mess.  The movie was a box office success, but it could have / should have been so much bigger.  The studio had no option but to fire the director and they did.

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I don’t watch a lot of TV so I’m usually late to the party when it comes to new TV shows.  Mad Men is about to begin it’s third season and I just started the first on DVD.  I’m hooked and you should be too.  Buy it, netflix it, rent it – just f**king watch it.  It’s brilliant.

The only other show I’m watching right now is True Blood and you should probably watch that one too.  It’s got some awful Southern accents and miserable characters but thankfully it doesn’t take itself too serious.  Watch it.

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