John Gordon is an old friend of Chet’s.  I hope this gets him a lot more gigs.  He deserves it.  Go get em, Coach Gordon!

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  1. John is one self-rising talent, and was poignant, funny and powerful when he connected with a packed church of at least 1,000 mourners who turned out for the funeral of his unforgettable cousin, Whitner Milner, who died last Sunday way too young, in an apparent freak accident when he was found drowned in his family’s pool.
    Whitner was 25, and John reminded us all of an irrepressible spirit, a great athlete, competetive to the core and loyal to the max, who lit up a room with a big grin and a funny gene that runs in the family.
    John, you did him proud, and connected with a tribute that gave solace and will always be remembered, and reminded parents how lucky they are to have “kids’ like you pursuing their dreams, and their talents, as Whitner was discovering.
    Thank you.

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